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How to Brew Coffee at Home

How to brew Mozzo coffee at home 
When it comes to brewing your Mozzo coffee at home, even the tiniest brewing details can influence the final flavour in your cup. So these brew guides are here to help you brew a great and consistent coffee at home. 
  • Aeropress: despite being originally created for espresso, the Aeropress has been found to produce a better result when used to brew a longer filter-style coffee. 
  • Cafetiere: for a full immersion brewing method that’s easy, consistent and reliable, the cafetiere is a top choice. 
  • V60: developed by the Japanese company Hario in 2004 to offer a more nuanced and controlled coffee brewing experience, the V60 is a great introduction for those looking to have complete control over their coffee extraction process.
  • Espresso: using an espresso machine is the only brew method that achieves a truly concentrated shot of espressso. 
Few simple Mozzo tips for best results: 
  • Use filtered tap water but if your tap water 
  • If you have time, warm your coffee cup before you begin with some hot water
  • We also recommend flushing your machine before use
  • Don’t forget to turn off your machine after use to save energy
  • Refer to manufacturer's guidelines on how best to use your machine

 For any other queries on brewing your Mozzo coffee please visit our FAQ page or get in touch.